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zirconium crown

Why Should You Choose Zirconia Crowns?

There are different types of dental crowns are used for crowning, however, nowadays; Zirconium crowns are gaining popularity as one of the most vital and suggested crowns. The peoples who are looking for aesthetic artificial teeth prefer getting zirconia crowns. Crowns are the caps that mainly cover a dental implant procedure to support misshaped, broken, damaged, or weak teeth. So far the materials related to using in crowning, there are some available options, such as metal and ceramic made. However, in modern dentistry, zirconia crowns also introduced and getting popularity over the days. Though zirconia crowns are categorized under ceramic crowns, this durable crown is made of zirconia dioxide. 

What Is Zirconia Made of?

Zirconia, one of the popular types of a dental crown, is made of zirconium dioxide. Zirconium contains metal atoms; however, it’s not metal. It’s a kind of ceramic that mixes the biocompatible facet of the ceramics, and usually stronger than titanium. Because the nature of its chemically non-reactive, Zirconium makes an excellent option as dental material. Zirconia consists of various properties that make zirconia crowns as a good choice for crowing nowadays.

Why You Should Choose Zirconia Crowns?

Except for zirconia crowns, there are some other crowning options also available for you. For example, All Porcelain crowns, Porcelain Fused-to-Metal Crowns, Stainless Steel crowns, Gold crowns, etc and some of those are long-lasted crowns, such as gold crowns. So, why you should choose zirconia crowns if you can choose some other good crowning options?

The major advantage of the zirconia crown is its durability and strength. Considering the force required in your back tooth to apply pressure on the food to eat, dental crowns should be made of a robust material that the zirconia crown contains. Also, zirconia crowns can be easily matched with your teeth color. Hence, zirconia is a superior choice for crowning. 

Let’s explore some other facts to choose zirconia crowns. 

Porcelain, Gold, or Zirconia Crowns- Which crowns Are Better?

Considering the common uses of the types of dental crowns, three common-used options are following.

  1. Porcelain crowns
  2. Gold crowns
  3. Zirconia crowns.

Porcelain, a ceramic made material also a common type of crowns and you may have heard about it. Gold crowns also other common types of dental crowns that also gain some popularity due to its long-lasting nature and shiny looks. However, both types have some limitations. Porcelain, a good crown type but tend to last a short period. On the other hand, the gold crown is a bit expensive material and may cause some allergic reactions.

However, if you compare both porcelain and gold crowns with zirconia crowns, you will find some clear difference considering strength, durability, and side-effect. Recent data says zirconia crowns have lasted more, approximately double time of lifespan than porcelain crowns. On the other hand, it does not have any side effects, such as an allergic reaction that a gold crown has. Since the dental crowns should take into consideration concerning its long-lasting ability and any related side effects, so Zirconia crowns are the better choices than porcelain and gold crowns.

Can Zirconia Crowns Break Away From Your Tooth Structure?

As said earlier in this article, zirconia crowns are very strong and durable by its structure. However, still you may have confusion about whether zirconia crowns can break or not as other types of crowns have the same possibility. The answer is, breaking the possibility of zirconia crowns from your tooth structure is nearly zero percent.

Do Zirconia Crowns Look As Natural As Your Teeth?

Gold and porcelain crowns have long been the conventional materials to compose dental crowns. Porcelain crowns give a more natural look as it’s a ceramic material made crowns, however, they tend to break much easier and short lifetime. The gold crown is the long-lasted types of crowns and slightly expensive, however, it may produce a harmful allergic reaction. In that case, considering the long-lasting nature, no side-effect, and more natural looks like your teeth, zirconia crowns will provide you more confidence for crowning. 

Can Your Dentist Reshape or Color Your Zirconia Crowns?

Zirconia crowns can be modified and reshaped to any shape of your tooth. Whatever the tooth shape you want, shape like your old tooth or a better-looking tooth shape, zirconia crowns can assist you to get the desired tooth shape.

Zirconia crowns come with many shade or color. With almost a similar level of translucence as natural teeth, zirconia crowns can be designed to be integrated with the rest of the teeth. Hence you don’t need to worry regarding your tooth color as your dentist can match the crown’s color to real teeth.

How Long Do Zirconia Crowns Last?

A properly maintained dental crown can manage a lifetime in the range of approximately five to fifteen years, even for a lifetime in many cases. Like gold crowns, zirconia crowns can last in the range 12 years to life in many cases if maintained properly.  

Pros And Cons of Zirconia Crowns

Like other types of crowns, zirconia crowns also has pros and cons that should take into consideration if you are looking for a crowing as it will help you to make the proper choice.

Pros of Zirconia Crowns

  1. Zirconia crowns considered as strong and durable.
  1. Trustworthy restoration
  2. Long lifetime
  3. Natural-looking appearance
  4. It can match the color of the crown with the color of natural teeth. 
  5. Fit good on teeth.
  6. Nearly zero percentage of chance to break away from the tooth.
  7. Biocompatible 
  8. No allergic reactions like Gold crowns.

Cons of Zirconia Crowns

  1. It is tough to detect if any decay beneath the zirconia crowns.
  1. Since zirconia crowns are very strong by its structure, so it comes with some adverse effects along with the positive effects. In some cases, zirconia crowns may impact the tooth root of the tooth and other adjacent teeth negatively.
  2. Comparative expensive.

How Much Do Zirconia Crowns Cost?

In most cases, dental crowns can be very costly, costing in the range of $700 to $1,500. Zirconia crowns usually cost more than some other types of crowns, in the range of $1200 to $2500. However, the cost of zirconia crowns may vary based on location, the skill of the dentist, associated facilities, etc.

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