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Nose Surgery

Things You Need To Know About Nose Surgery

Modern science has developed a lot and continuing its development. Rhinoplasty is another innovation of modern science, typically known as a nose job, nose reshaping, or nose surgery. It is a plastic surgery treatment to correct and reconstruct the nose. Generally two types of nose surgery available, one is reconstructive surgery for restoring the function and forms of the nose that also performed to improve breathing issues, another one is a cosmetic surgery that requires improving the nose appearance. Nose surgery is a sensitive plastic surgery treatment that requires an expert hand to handle.

Types of Nose Surgery

There are mainly two types of Rhinoplasty or nose surgery available. Get introduced to the below nose surgery.

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive plastic surgery is usually executed to repair the nose function and regular look. This surgical procedure helps to correct the misshapenness of the nose that formed through birth defects, trauma, or other medical situations, such as cancer. Reconstructive surgery also uses for some other medical requirements such as breast reconstruction, burn injury, etc.

Cosmetic Surgery

During nose surgery, cosmetic plastic surgery is usually performed to improve total cosmetic appearance through adjusting and reshaping the normal nose structure to make a more appealing look. If anyone faces a misshaped nose due to birth defects or any other nasal injuries, cosmetic surgery may work. Comparing to reconstructive surgical procedures, cosmetic surgery is not an essential surgical procedure for medical conditions. Aside from nose surgery, cosmetic plastic surgery also used for some other treatments such as breast enlarge, breast lift, liposuction, facelift, etc.

How Nose Surgery Procedures Executed?


Before deciding whether you should go for nose surgery or not, you should know how this surgical process works. It will help you to eliminate your confusion (if any) and make a decision. Like other surgical procedures, Rhinoplasty or nose surgery procedures contain three parts which are the following.


  1. Consultation 
  2. Treatment procedure
  3. Recovery process


In the consultation stage, you will have a discussion session with your surgeon to identify your actual problems and appropriate solution. The surgeon will determine which types of surgery you need and whether you need surgery or not. With this consultation, you will also get an opportunity to get t an idea about the surgeon.

Nose surgery must need to be tailored to fit your face. To develop a surgical plan, the surgeon performs and considers the below issues after discussing it with you in the consultation stage.

· Shape of your face

· Position of your chin

· Width of your eyes and cheeks

· Previous medical history

· Kinds of shape that you expect.

· Relevant test 

· A briefing regarding the treatment and recovery process of nose surgery.

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Treatment Process

During the treatment process of nose surgery, the surgeon will inject anesthesia as required. The surgeon performs a little external incision at your nose base, to be precise, between your nostrils (also known as nares, two external openings of your nasal cavity). After that, the surgeon will engage to adjust the cartilage and the bone under the skin of the nose. 

Once the surgical work is complete and you wake up from anesthesia (usually take 45 minutes to one hour), the medical staff will guide you about what to do after the post-operative period as a part of the recovery process. A nose surgery procedure generally needs one and half hour to three hours that allows you to return home on the same day after treatment.

The Recovery Process After Nose Surgery

The patient generally wears a nasal splint that helps to prevent the nasal bones displaced and maintain the new nose shape after a Rhinoplasty procedure. As the doctor suggests, nasal splint needs to wear at least a week after nose surgery. The patient usually experiences swelling and brushing surrounding the eyes after the first two-day nose surgery that begins to improve after the third day and fully eliminates in two weeks approximately.

After two to three weeks, depends on the advice of your surgeon, you will be able to return your normal activities and works, however, it needs three to six months to recover fully after nose surgery. 

You need to avoid touching your nose and avoid lifting any large weighted stuff during the recovery period.

Is There Any Risk Factor in Nose Surgery?


Any kind of surgery involves risk, and a nose surgery too, however, it’s not significant. Generally, some risk factors include in nose surgery that includes:

· Uses of Anesthesia may lead to severe conditions for the children and elder patients if not properly handled.

· Swelling.

· Infection and poor injury healing may lead sometimes to other health issues.

· Change in the feeling of the skin, however, it’s rare.

How Often You Should Visit Your Surgeon After Nose Surgery?

Nose surgery is a sensitive surgical procedure that needs careful follow-up and check-up after the treatment procedures, usually next three to four months. Your surgeon will check the progress of your nose healing and give real-time advice if any difficulty.

How Long Does a Nose Surgery Last?

Being a patient, you may have a curiosity or query regarding the durability of nose surgery. The result of nose surgery is permanent as a new shape of your nose takes place after surgery; it does not include any external thing. However, choosing a surgeon for your nose surgery is very crucial to get the best result.

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Pros and Cons of a Nose Surgery

Like any other treatments, nose surgery also has its pros and cons, and a clear understanding of it will keep you away from any unnecessary tension and scary situation.

Pros of Nose Surgery 

  1. Changes nose size as you need, increase or decrease.
  2. Give the nose a new shape as required
  3. Decrease the nasal tip
  4. Decrease the nasal bridge
  5. Correct issues related with the deviated septum (If any)
  6. An overall positive impact on facial aesthetics.
  7. Breathing improvement.

Cons of Nose Surgery

  1. The risk associated with Anesthesia
  2. Slow injury healing
  3. Possibility of infection
  4. Numbness in skin
  5. Breathing difficulty in some cases
  6. Swelling
  7. Nasal septal hole

How much Does a Nose Surgery Cost?

Nose surgery is a sensitive treatment that needs to handle with an expert surgeon. It is a tough surgical procedure that involves anesthesia, operation room, and other medical supports that may vary considering the cost. An average cost of the standard nose surgery may vary in the range of $5000 to $8000 depends on various considerable factors.

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