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Face Contour Surgery – Everything You Need To Know

Face contour surgery refers to the changes structural components of your face, such as your chin, jaw, or cheeks through implanting. This modern procedure helps to make the face more balanced through the below ways.

  1. Adding fullness to your face.
  2. Reshape your jawline wider and stronger
  3. Reshape your cheekbones higher
  4. Transforming your chin more eye-catching.

If you want to reshape and develop your facial appearance, face contour surgery is the best way to do it. However, you need to consult a face contour surgeon that will help you to identify your exact facial needs based on your current face shape. If you are looking for face contour, you should think cautiously about the required changes you are looking for, and help your surgeon to understand the specific facial shape you want.

Why Face Contour Surgery Becoming Popular Among The Mass?

Over the last few years, face contour has been seen on celebrities, professional models, and actresses and it has gained mass popularity among their fan and followers worldwide who loves the beauty. Aside, social media like Instagram and Facebook instigates the enthusiasm of face contour. Inspired by the celebs, and related media, the mass peoples were impressed to the unique appearance through face contour and have been encouraged following the same. 

Most of the peoples tend to have a more appealing appearance than their current facial shape, it’s natural. Face contour surgery is that effective procedure to date that can help to improve facial appearance as you expect. Hence, the popularity of face contour surgery is increasing day by day.

When You Should Consider A Face Contour Surgery?

Having bothered by one or couples of the following issues, anyone could be benefitted thorough face contour surgery.

  • If You have an extended, square, or exceedingly pronounced chin
  • Cheeks that excessively protrude.
  • If you want to reduce the angle of the protrusion of your chin or mouth.
  • If your jawline is unbalanced.
  • If you have a weak chin.
  • If You want to reduce the width of the lower portion of your face
  • If you want to reduce the width transversely your midface (your eyes seem large and appear swollen as your cheekbones, eye sockets and upper jaw have not developed as much as the rest parts of the face, such situation is known as midface)
  • If you want to get a more eye-catching facial appearance.

Types And Techniques Of Face Contour Surgery

Face contour surgery contains a wide range of types and techniques based on the various types of facial reshape requirements nowadays. Here are some of the common types of face contour surgery that might help you to understand what types of face contour surgery you might need.

· Neck and brow lift

· Lip contouring and augmentation

· Chin augmentation

· Cheek augmentation

· Facial Implants

· Facial liposuction

· Earlobe surgery

· Fat grafting

Neck And Brow Lift

There are deep brow lines, fine lines, floppy skin, and harsh wrinkles usually found on the neck and eyebrows, especially the women who suffer from it. With neck and brow lift surgery procedure, this highlight aging sign could be minimized.

Lip Contouring And Augmentation

If you want to get fuller and well-contoured lips, you should go for lip augmentation and contouring. Lips can be reshaped by temporary or durable materials or through the surgical process. Temporary contouring materials are usually biodegradable, and they disappear commonly after three months to one year. Durable materials augment and contour your lips permanently. The lips can be enlarged through your fat tissue. The contouring lasts for a few minutes and swelling disappears in seven to fifteen days.

Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is a type of face contour surgery that provides two important enhancements to the patients. 

· To insert more definition to your jawline.

· To add volume your chin. 

An enhancement in the jawline can make a man appearance much manly. For the women, the added volume of chin brings a more feminine look. 

Cheek Augmentation

The procedure of reshaping your existing cheek structure is familiar as cheek augmentation. This method refers to injecting or removing the fat cells taken from the patient’s body. 

Facial Implants

The facial implant is a common type of face contour surgery that used for those patients who willing to eliminate their sagging skin, aging appearance, and to make their facial skin tighter than existing.

Facial Liposuction

With the procedure of facial liposuction, the faces of a patient get rid of the fat cells that are detached through simply invasive facial surgery. 

Earlobe Surgery

Earlobe surgery enables the reshaping and pinning back the patient’s ears applying non-invasive surgery. Therefore, the patients won’t protrude as much as earlier. 

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting technique used to balance the volume in essential parts of a patient’s body. Getting it from the patient’s own body, fat cells are injected on those body parts that require more size. 

Depends on your facial requirements, techniques of face contour surgery may modify that will be identified and handled by your surgeon.

Contact an expert surgeon now to know more details. 

Face Contour Surgery- Should You Go For It?

Who doesn’t want to appear a bit more attractive and eye-catching? If you have a little bit of attraction to the modern lifestyle and beauty, and you have felt your face shape is not as balanced as you expect, you should undergo face contour surgery. You will feel affection for it. By nature, our face is different and the appearance as well due to face shape. Hence, anyone may have a desire to have a more appealing face and it’s a basic instinct.

However, if you have set up your mind to undergo a face contour surgery, you must consult a professional and experienced surgeon that will help you to get perfect types of face contour surgery based on your actual needs.

Looking for a professional for face contour surgery? Contact an experienced surgeon today.

Safety And Side Effects Of Face Contour Surgery

Any surgical treatment regarding face contour surgery is permanent and needs to execute several surgical procedures during different types of surgery, such as cheek augmentation, jawline surgery, fat grafting, etc. Hence, potential side effects, for instance, scaring and injury to your nerve may occur a certain period after surgery. And concerning safety, a professional and experienced surgeon can perform it safely with modern surgical equipment, however, a minimal risk associated with any surgical procedure.

Pros And Cons Of Face Contour Surgery

Like any other treatment, face contour surgery also consists of some pros and cons which are following.

Pros of Face Contour Surgery

  1. Improved confidence
  2. Balanced face
  3. For the women, much feminine jawline and facial appearance. 
  4. Reduced cheek, jaw and mouth protrusion
  5. Well structured jawline

Cons of Face Contour Surgery

  1. Pain and discomfort
  2. Numbness in Face
  3. Staining
  4. Swelling
  5. Possibility of infection
  6. Possibility of the revision of surgery, etc

How Much Does A Face Contour Surgery Cost?

The cost of face contour surgery can vary in a wide range. Depending on the volume of required work, the number of surgical procedures, location, and the skills and experience of your surgeon, the cost may vary between $4,000 and $30,000.

It’s tough to get an idea about the cost of face contour surgery through various other sources. It is wise to ask the surgeon for an all-inclusive quote that will help you to set your plan to face contour surgery.

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