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A country of several civilizations, Turkey

Man’s thirst for venturing into foreign land has not, and can never be quenched. And why should it, when the profound availability of wondrous sights and stringing infrastructures are just hanging about to dazzle us. New tourists are birthed almost every day to behold the beauty nations are endowed with. Such a stunningly gifted nation is none other than Turkey! A land inundated with bounties of Mother Earth and architectures that can leave gasping for breath.

Tourism Destinations in Turkey that are Bewitching

A visit to Istanbul, a city brimming with cultures and colors, will open doors to a visit to the Blue Mosque, which in its majestic beauty stands tall and welcomes hundreds of tourists a day with open arms. Cappadocia, a region in Turkey playing host to Bronze Age homes carved in the valley walls, invites just as many visitors as the Blue Mosque if not more. Its stature rose when it was declared as a UNESCO Heritage Site. However, if you fancy a restful evening rather than treading through a rough patch of land, lounging by the shore of the Marmaris Beach is the right way to go.

Some of the renowned tourist destinations in Turkey you might consider while visiting turkey.

Hagia Sophia Museum

Aya Sofya is located in Istanbul, the mesmerizing Byzantine grandeur of the Aya Sofya Museum, one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Turkey.


A still-standing memory of the mighty Roman Empire built with colossal monuments and marvel column roads.


If the swooping rock valley doesn’t make you thrilled; you should know that Cappadocia is one of the top tourist destinations in the world to take an air balloon ride.


A place with full of natural wonders, the most famous tourist attractions in turkey, the crystal white travertine porches of Pamukkale flow down the slope that seems a snowfield in the middle of the green landscape.

Mount Nemrut

This is one of the top tourist attractions and archaeological sites for Eastern Turkey. A giant stone head of ancient gods will hypnotize your mind for a while.

Yedikule Fortress

By the emperor Theodosius, this historical fortress was built in the 5th century and it made up the southern part of the defensive walls of Constantinople. The colossal arch was well-known as Porta Aurea with a gold plated door that is something you should not miss!

Pera Museum

If you are fond of painting, the pera museum is the best place to visit in Turkey. This is the famous art gallery where you will find the premium collected painting works of Ottoman-era painting.

Aside from all of the above tourist destinations, you might be astonished by some others eye-catching places that you should not miss in a lifetime such as blue mosque, Topkapi palace, grand bazaar, spice bazaar, carpet museum, Bosporus, Basilica Cistern, Galata tower, Sultanahmet Square, etc.

Where to stay while visiting Turkey?

If Istanbul’s tourist spots you are planning to visit in Turkey, the best decision is to find accommodation around or in the Istanbul old city. From this place, you will find most of the top tourist spots within a short distance. Or you may try staying around Galata bridge areas. From budget hotels to luxury hotels, you will find a variety of hotels to stay here. It you are planning to have a beach holiday, Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye are good choises. If you are looking for some cultural visits, then you can visit some cities in the North or East of Turkey such as Trabzon, Erzurum, Gaziantep, Van…etc.

Medical Tourism in Turkey

It is the occasion when one travels to a foreign land intending to get treatment, and not to knock around, is what we call medical tourism. And this fashion of tourism is also quite trendy in Turkey. Statistics declare that with mere 75 thousand health tourists venturing in Turkey, the influx of such visitors shot up to a stunning 1 million in 2019. The prime motivations behind this giant of a leap in medical tourism being:

• 3rd world or developing countries at times are capable of catering to health care services that are asked by its residents. And that is when the concept of becoming a medical tourist in Turkey takes shape.
• Not to forget that even if the desired treatments are being provided in such pinched nations, the costs, largely due to the scarcity in availability, can be fairly high. This works essentially well in boosting medical tourism in Turkey.
• It is to say that the abundance of modern-day medical equipment Turkey has tucked in its sleeves right along the low-cost in the use of such instruments appeals to medical tourists.
• Add in the fact that the skills that Turkish doctors possess, that are polished with the advancement in the field of medical science, are not commonly detected in other countries, and one cannot question the fame of medical tourism in Turkey.
• Lastly, visiting Turkey for medical tourism will also reward you with the blessing of witnessing the natural beauty of the nation, including those mentioned above, which are surely a sight of the sore eyes!

Some Popular Treatments Held In Turkish Medical Tourism

Looking at the aforementioned details, it would come to a surprise to no one that medical tourism in Turkey knows no bound. Ranging from cancer treatments to cosmetic surgeries, every desired health care service is there to everyone’s avail. But this does not tell us much, so let us discuss a handful of treatments briefly.

Aesthetic Surgery

Meant to shape and sculpt one’s to enhance their appearance, aesthetic surgeries are all the rage among the medical tourists in Turkey. So it is truly no surprise to anyone that aesthetic surgeries flood the country’s economy with over $2 billion annually. Some of the trendy operations are the following.


If you are to avail of Turkish medical tourism to battle aging signs, no other surgery is suited for you other than a facelift. Zoning in on your forehead, temples, cheeks, chin; the region around your eyes, and even your neck, a facelift eliminated baggy skin and wrinkles threatening your youthful air.

Breast Contouring

Breast Augmentation

The procedure involves the enlargements of breasts by depositing implants into the areas that need to see an increment in size. It is also ideal for those who wish to overcome the troubles faced by them every day due to asymmetric beasts.

Breast Reduction

The name being self-explanatory, this operation on breast reduction has the goal to ease you from the pain that can arise from exceptionally large breasts around your neck and shoulders, and smoothen down saggy skin around the breasts. Not to mention it is exceptional for putting an end to awry figure that can result from oversized breasts. Costing not over $5,500, the medical tourism of Turkey sure takes care of its patients with low prices.

Nose Aesthetics


Rhinoplasty is just another form of nose aesthetic operation meant to fashion your nose according to your desire, generally for eliminating a medical condition such as sinusitis. Working around the nose and inside it, the surgeon sculpts the nose to remove any discomfort that may suffer from.


This surgery is in contrast with Rhinoplasty as it alters the nose purely to beautify its appearance. Here, the window of singling out any preferred nose shape is wide open! The professional surgeons will not back out of a challenge, and that is just one of the boons of Turkish medical tourism.

Nasal Tip Surgery

People with the tip of their nose being disproportional can employ this procedure to reshape their nose tip. The surgeon primarily focuses on reconstructing the tip to compel it to compliment the rest of the face post-surgery and glamming up your look.

These surgeries all together can range to a maximum rate of $5,000.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are nothing more than tiny caps fashioned to conceal acutely decaying, discolored or broken teeth from making an appearance. Glued to your wounded teeth, the caps made of either resin, or ceramic, or even metal, stand strong to shield your teeth from further grief.

Zirconia Crowns

Cursed with crooked and discolored teeth can be, beyond question, bothersome, essentially when they distort the beauty of your otherwise glorious smile. The perfect fix for such a trying issue can be dental bonding, a procedure where the surgeon polishes, mends, and reshapes and effectively perfects your dentition.

Eye Surgery

Blepharoplasty, or aesthetic eye surgery, is a medical procedure where excessive skin around the sagging lids and the baggy under-eyes. Fitting for people closer to the age of 35 and 50 years, it improves the appearance of your eye and can do wonders for a distorted eye-sight.

The cost for the lower and upper eye can range from $1,000 to $4000.

Appetizing Turkish Cuisine with dazzling natural attractions and many world heritage sites is something in turkey that you should not miss in a lifetime. And while visiting Turkey, don’t miss the opportunity to grab the advantage of Turkey’s medical tourism, world-class atheistic surgery at the most affordable price!!

Destinations Around Turkey

Clinics Around Turkey

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