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Pearl of The Aegean, İzmir

Along with nourishing your body with just the right supplements to keep healthy, feasting your eyes to the wonders that adorn this world is also crucial. Whether they be natural or artificially constructed is irrelevant as long as these sights are majestic and beautiful. Tourism is the expedition when people visit foreign lands for spectating such sceneries that are too alluring to escape your attention. And Izmir is one of the sites that can gift you with the pleasure of enjoying bewitching sights that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Tourism in Izmir

When discussing the tourists’ spots of Izmir, the Agora of Izmir is not to be missed with it opening to an ancient Roman site that once acted as the prime commercial location for the city. The open air museum, with Greek graffiti painted on the aged walls, unfolding tales of the past, and calls to tourists enthusiastic about the history of Greeks in the city. And if you were to trouble yourself with a half hour walk, you will end up in Forum Bornova, an out-of-doors shopping mall that houses a cinema and a smattering of supermarkets!


Another such history site is the Mount Kadifekale, though this one comes with a castle. Even the journey is an adventure in itself with you having to hike through the vibrant slums of Izmir to climb up to the castle. With the Turkish flag soaring high at the zenith of Kadifekale, the trek is a challenge that many desire to conquer. With the castle catering you a glimpse of the past, and the panoramic view that awaits your presence, a trip to the Mount Kadifekale would surely be unforgettable. Not to mention, the close-by inexpensive hotels and Kemeralti Market, accessible within just a 14 minutes’ walk, are just the perfect icing on the cake.


However, if are not much interested in historic sites, a wondrous alternative, and ideal for a tranquil day, is a tour of the Pirlanta Beach is what you are in need of! A perfect amalgam, of boisterous and calm, the shallow waters and lounges lined-up, the beach pampers both adults and children. And if you somehow get your fill of the Pirlanta Beach, then you can just take a short detour and advance towards the near-by restaurants serving traditional Turkish cuisines, and perhaps explore the Cesme Castle! Truly, the choices are seemingly never-ending.


Now, when it comes to taking residence in Izmir, as a tourist, Alsancak undoubtedly beats all others. Stationed superbly close to the major attractions of the city, Alsancak allows you to get the most out of your trip to Izmir. The low-cost hotels and budget-friendly, coming with multi- and amicable staff, accustomed to managing the influx of visitors Alsancak, are what truly make the stay with your while. Besides all these blessings, the place also houses an exceptional means of transport, comprising of buses, cabs, along with a railway system. This eases the passage of foreigners along Alsancak, and to the tourist spots it leads to, more than you can imagine!


If you are fascinated in medical tourism in addition to tourist spots visiting in Izmir, Izmir will not disappoint you! Izmir is one of the popularly known place for medical tourism, especially in aesthetic surgery.

Medical & Aesthetics Tourism in Izmir

Even with all these wondrous sights resting in Izmir, they are not the sole reason tourists venture into the city. With the healthcare sector of Izmir working relentlessly to cater its services to every patient coming their way, foreigners are not hesitant to explore and exploit the health treatments available. This journey of overseas patients in order to gain health benefits is known as medical tourism, a common happening in Izmir and with good reasons. A handful of those reasons are:

• The immense availability of professional doctors and surgeons is what brings increment to the popularity of medical tourism in Izmir. In order to tend to the huge influx of patients, increasing numbers of foreign doctors are also invited in the private and public hospitals of the city.
• On top of that, these health professionals are blesses with a firm grasp the advancements in the field of medical science, ensuring that you receive only the most top-notch treatment to aid you. Going alongside the peerless treatments are the instruments, laying in the surgeons’ disposal.
With all these boons, the medical tourism sector of Izmir cannot get any better.

Medical Treatments in Izmir

Predictably, Izmir’s medical tourism offers all sorts of health procedures, consist everything from cardiac to cosmetic surgeries. Once a tour is made into this city, you do not need to search any further for procuring apt medication regarding whichever health issue you may possess. For a better peek at the treatments available, read along and gain an understanding on what surgeries you can avail yourself of.

Aesthetic Surgery

Modeled essentially for sculpting and polishing any imperfection in your appearance, aesthetic operations have clustered a storm of hype in the Izmir’s medical tourism. A few popular procedures which surgeons of Izmir are highly consulted are listed below.

Face Shaping


Struggling with ears that are either oversized or puny when compared to your face can be truly bothersome, and that is when you are in need of Otoplasty meant to redesign the structure of your ear to your liking. Flouring the field of medical tourism of Izmir with its hype, Otoplasty requires an investment of 1,700 euros, more or less.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

Efficient in tightening your facial skin and shedding fat cells deposited in your face, HIFU is the alternative to a Face Lift. This painless procedure applies laser onto your skin to remove dead skin cells and avoid wrinkles resulting from sagging of facial tissues, and comes at a cost of about 7,500 euros.


Zoning in on the upper and lower lids of your eyes, Blepharoplasty aims to terminate the baggy skin, wrinkles and excessive tissues around the eyes. If successful, the surgery will reward you with eyes that will appear enlarged and beautified. Ideal for escaping the signs of exhaustion and aging from your face, this procedure can be prized around 3,000 euros, or even cheaper if that’s what you are looking for.

Hair Transplant

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

This process deals with the drawing of blood from a part of your body, processing it to enrich the sample with plasma, and lastly infusing injecting it into your scalp. A simple treatment as this one ensures a permanent fix to your hair loss.


While displaying parallelismto PRP Therapy in terms of injecting fluids into your scalp to stimulate hair growth, Mesotherapy harnesses the boons of plant enzymes, and nutrients to halt hair fall by strengthening blood circulation of the hair follicles. Being acutely low-cost, with a starting price of about 200 euros, this procedure dominates a major segment of the medical tourism of Izmir.

If you are food alcoholic, you shouldn’t miss to enjoy the taste of Yummy street foods while sightseeing in famous tourist spots in Izmir! If you are looking for aesthetic surgery, Izmir tour is a great opportunity for you to visit the expert atheistic surgeon aside sightseeing!

Destinations Around Izmir

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