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Fascination Istanbul

With the world up to the neck in natural and historic wonders, it comes to no surprise that millions of people feel the need to tour around in foreign lands to witness such marvels. And this profound availability of sights makes tourism a colossally common feat throughout the globe. Istanbul happens to be one of the most trendy tourist destinations, with its ancient marvels and bewitching architectures.

A Tourist’s Favorite Spots in Istanbul

Istanbul, an ancient city of turkey spanning both Asia and Europe, considered as one of the world’s famous city of tourist attraction for the centuries. This city founded approximately 1000 BC, the protectorate of Byzantium rose into the Byzantine kingdom’s capital of Constantinople. Following the Ottoman invasion of the city, the city retained its splendid place as the spirit of their kingdom. The city is generously scattered with magnificent remnants of its long and memorable history. Moreover, the sightseeing locations of this city will amaze even the most hard-hearted visitor!


If we were to discuss a smattering of places tourism flourishes in Istanbul, the world’s oldest market, the Grand Bazaar comes into mind. Introduced to the world in 1445, this market now houses around a stunning 4,000 shops with almost 40,000 visitors haggling with sellers every day! To accommodate the heavy flow of tourists, luxurious and casual hotels circle the area, with a sprinkling of diners eager to feed their famished guests.


But in case you are not much of a shopper, the Galata Tower, with its elongated history will surely keep you entertained. Having served people since 1348, the Galata Tower acted as a lighthouse, a fire tower, and even a dungeon throughout its time. These days, tourists pay a small fee to behold its unique interior, and later, if the mood strikes you, hotspots can be visited to experience the music of Istanbul while indulging in its local cuisines.


And if there is a one-stop beach, it is the Burc Beach in Istanbul. Most preferred for family trips, the shallow waters rippling in the sea make it safe for the kids, while the bars and music concerts set up in the beach are just what the adults are looking for. Add in the eateries serving snacks ranging from pizzas to ice-creams, and you have the perfect amalgam for an ideal holiday trip.

If this is your first time trip in Istanbul, don’t forget to visit the following tourist locations, worthy to visit once in a lifetime!


• Blue mosque
• Aya Sofia
• Istanbul Archeology museum
• Grand bazaar
• Sulemaniye Mosque
• Topkapi palace
• Dolmabache palace
• Spice Bazar
• Chora church
• Yedikule Fortress
• Galata tower
• Carpet museum
• Pear museum
• Fatih mosque
• Uskudar


With lots of famous tourist destinations, lots of historical establishment, famous Turkish foods, and easy accommodation facilities, Istanbul trip will mesmerize your heart!


If you are interested in medical tourism aside sightseeing in Istanbul, you might not be disappointed! Istanbul is one of the best locations for medical tourism, especially in aesthetic surgery.

Medical Tourism in Istanbul

Not just to spectate the majestic sights in Istanbul, foreigners visit this city to enjoy the expertise of its doctors, and this tour is known as medical tourism. Istanbul succeeds Antalya when talked about the influx of health tourists in Turkey. And here are some reasons why:


• With Istanbul being an economically rich city plays host to state-of-the-ate medical equipment that are hard to acquire in the developing countries of the world. Hence, it comes to as no shock that medical tourism blooms in Istanbul.
• Now to operate with the equipment, able surgeons need to be present, and in this also Istanbul’s medical tourism does not fail us. The doctors in the city are known to incessantly educate themselves on the latest advancement in the health care sector with upholding service.
• Alongside the vast pool of doctors in Istanbul comes the cluster of clinics and hospitals to accommodate them. And this works to facilitate any visitor of Istanbul that comes to avail from its medical tourism sector in every nook and cranny of the city.
• Not to forget that this availability of health centers gives way to competitively low-cost of treatments from highly skilled doctors which tourists can take full advantage of.
• Lastly, medical tourism in Istanbul saw only prosperity due to the ease with which foreigners can venture into the city. Cost and troubles that come along a journey to Istanbul are both affordable by one and all!

Medical Procedures in Istanbul’s Medical Tourism

Needless to say, with all these splendid attributes of the medical tourism in Istanbul, treatments of all sorts are every corner. Starting from intricate organ transplants to aesthetic surgeries, the list is seemingly never-ending. But today, we are going to familiarize ourselves with the operations that are meant to glamorize our appearance.

Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic, or cosmetic, surgeries are most popular in the field of medical tourism in Istanbul, primarily due to the polished work of the surgeons of Istanbul who skillfully sculpt our body into the shape or size we desire. With health tourists pouring in from all corners of the world, Istanbul’s medical tourism has only flourished. Certain treatments that played a role in this bloom are:

Eye Surgery
Upper Blepharoplasty

Focusing on the upper eyelid, this procedure removes muscles, saggy skin, and excessive tissues to lighten the eyelid. This trimming is specifically done to beautify the eyes with the cost somewhere about 1,500 euros. Such an inexpensive treatment has proven to be very fruitful for the medical tourism in Istanbul.

Lower Blepharoplasty

As you may have guesses, Lower Blepharoplasty zones in on the regions of the lower eyelid. Similar to the aforementioned surgery, there is removal of unwanted fat, tissues and droopy skin, but primarily to eliminate wrinkles, hollowed as well as baggy eyes, and costs close to 1,600 euros.

Hair Transplant
Eyebrow Restoration

A hair transplant that works to place hair follicles from your scalp and plant them in the region of your eyebrows, eyebrow restoration sculpts the feature of your face that holds the most significance in beautifying your appearance. Funnily, this procedure also is priced starting at 1,500 euros.

Mesotherapy Hair Transplant

Instead of extracting or planting hair follicles, this treatment is meant to act as a precautious step that ensures that will you need to head for FUE and DHI Hair Transplants only in severe case of hair loss. Quite trendy in Istanbul, it does wonders for the city’s medical tourism.

Aesthetic Dentistry
Zirconia Crown

For your smile to be captivating, injured, dented, or fragile teeth need to be concealed, and that’s where Zirconia Crown comes into use. This procedure is meant to place a cap onto the damaged tooth that possesses strength equivalent to an actual tooth but appears better than one.

Dental Implants

A prosthetic tooth is rooted into your gums and jawbones in place of a missing tooth. The implant even secures the gaps that may form in-between teeth and distort the appearance of your smile. Perfect for medical tourists, the cost of an implant ranges from about 500 euros.

Body Contouring

This is an arm lift treatment where surgeons remove sagging of the skin on the arm and tighten the tissues to restore their flexibility. Appearing quite affordable at 1,700 euros, by removing pockets of fat, this operation even smoothens down the skin around your arm.

Tummy Tuck

Bearing resemblance to the name, Tummy Tuck deals with the stubborn fat deposits and the droopy skin in the abdomen region to prettify the shape of your stomach. Tightening the muscles, a Tummy Tuck is most effective post massive weight loss in the abdomen.


Ideal for ridding yourself off the fat deposits in your upper-body, this surgery is performed bysurgeons simultaneously operating on your breasts and upper back. With a price range of about 2,500 euros, this surgery is favored in the medical tourism industry of Istanbul.

Not only mouth-watering Turkish Cuisines and stunning natural attractions will amaze you in the Istanbul but also its medical tourism remarkably impress you that will definitely help you to experience a thriving trip in Istanbul.

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