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Incredible Europe

There is an abundance of locations on this planet that are just too exquisite to not witness. And when such sights are often amidst the foreign lands of an unknown country or even continent, then people feel compelled to venture and visit them for their gratification. Tourism is the name given to these thrilling expeditions. Interestingly, Europe is declared the most visited continent by tourists and now, we will discuss why.

Tourist Destinations in Europe

Proclaimed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Sighisoara in Romania is amongst the most beautiful medieval towns in Europe, attracting a locust of tourists every day. With savory foods covering your breakfast, lunch and dinner, and bed and breakfasts springing from every corner, you do not even have to part from Sighisoara!


The Baltic Sea in Poland however, is quite a sight for the sore eye with endangered species of aquatic life residing in these waters; a must-visit for a fish enthusiast. Lavish resorts not far from the coast line and trips through the sea via a cruise are just the icing on the cake, making the trip worth your while.


If you are a nature lover, then the best country for you would be Croatia, housing the Mljet National Park which caters ferries for tourists to wander around the 2 segments of islands, and hotels to allow the ardent visitors a stay amidst the flora and fauna. One can never be bored in this nature reserve.


The best of crowds though, come together in Rumeli Fortress in Turkey, where the most electrifying festivals of Europe are hosted. This museum, coupled with its historic architecture and casual cafes and high-end restaurants, and let us not forgets the near-by parks, is a wholesome package for a family tour to Istanbul!


For someone who prefers serenity, a visit to Czech Republic’s Strahov Monastery, one of the oldest libraries of the continent, is an ideal tourist spot. While the library, brimming with legendary tales of the past, may be heavenly for a bookworm, the close-by brewery, a highlight of a visit to Strahov Monastery, can provide the much needed breather.


Some of the favorite tourist destinations are following that you should consider as your preferred list to visit while visiting in Europe.


• Palace of Versailles, France
• Stonehenge Monument, England
• Notre-Dam de paris, France
• Trevi fountain, Rome, Italy
• Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey
• Amalfi coast, Italy
• Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, Netherlands
• Grand Canal, Venice, Italy
• Sistine chapel, Vatican city
• Leaning tower of pisa, Italy
• Saint Marks Vasilica, venice, Italy
• Van Gough Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
• British museum, London, England
• Acropolis of Athens, Greece
• Colosseum, Rome, Italy
• Bakingham Palance, England
• Eifel tower, Paris France
• Krkonoše National Park, Czech republic
• Cesky krumlov, Czech republic
• Wieliczca Salt mine, Poland
• Wawel royal castle, Poland
• Bran castle, Romania


Europe is a continent where you will find almost everything to enjoy your trip. Almost all of the country has lots of famous tourist spots that have been attracting the tourists for decade. Convenient accommodation facilities around the tourist spots, superb transportation facilities, and foods with variety of taste and tourist safety will make your Europe trip unforgettable that is sure!


If you are interested in medical tourism aside sightseeing in Europe, you must experience an outstanding opportunities that you never imagined! Some of the renowned Europeans countries are not only famous for tourist destinations but also famous for medical tourism, especially in aesthetic surgery.

Medical Tourism in Europe

At times, in place of seeking recreational activities overseas, people pay a visit to foreign lands for the sole purpose of gaining boon from the health care services of that place. This is called medical tourism, a phenomenon that is pretty common in Europe with around 5 percent of the continent’s tourism composed of it. This popularity of European medical tourism is persisting to exist for profound reasons. Some of these reasons are:


• There is no question that a high standard of treatment has been maintained in European countries, an aspect which is not often found in developing countries of other continents. With modern medical instruments and technologies, and certified doctors who possess extensive knowledge on all health care procedures, medical tourism in Europe has pulled a lot of foreign patients towards itself.


• In comparison to other continents, Europe allows as much more cost-efficient treatment to its health tourists even for the most intricate operations. Even in some cases, travel expenses are sponsored by the government of European countries where the treatment is to be catered. It is no wonder that foreigners feel compelled to be a part of European medical tourism.


• Low-cost hotel rooms and inexpensive foods, which you have to invest in while you recover completely, is one another attractive aspect of medical tourism in Europe.


• A common ulterior motive that most health tourists have is the idea of touring around the beautiful spots the land has to offer in the duration of their recovery, making Europe a perfect candidate for medical tourism.

Medical Surgeries in Europe

A wide range of treatments is catered in European medical tourism which you can avail from. From reconstructive to aesthetic operations, the choices are endless from which you can leisurely take your pick.

Aesthetic Surgery

Quite trendy in most of the countries of Europe, aesthetic surgeries aim to reshape body parts that you wish to be altered. A smattering of popular cosmetic treatments is listed below.

Body Surgery



Known to be the simplest surgical method of fat extraction, Liposuction works to bring forth desired changes in the shape of body parts as the surgeons sculpt your body through the removal of fat deposits. Surprisingly, Liposuction also comes in handy during the procedure of fat grafting, the transfer of fat from one region to the other, ideal for breast restoration. The Czech Republic among all European countries provides the most inexpensive Liposuction starting at $1,350, playing a part in the growth of medical tourism. Turkey and Poland might also be a good choice for liposuction considering cheap liposuction.

Body Lift

People undergoing massive weight loss have significant changes in developing saggy skin and underlying tissues. This is where a Body Lift comes to the rescue, smoothens down droopy skin, and allows the rearrangement of tissues. This treatment restores the flexibility of the skin that was lost over time and tightens your muscles.

You may count Hungary, Poland and Turkey for body lift surgery as they offer the best price comparing quality body lift.

Face Contouring


Generally known as a nose job, Rhinoplasty sculpts the shape, size, appearance, and sharpness of the nose. The surgery can be done through exterior or even interior means, mainly for the beautification of the nose or termination of issues revolving around sinusitis. Rhinoplasty’s varying methods can be performed on the tip of the nose, the nostrils, cartilage along with the nasal bridge. These choices offered generously in the medical tourism sector in Poland begin with a rate of £1,600.

Except Poland, You may find the turkey, Greece and the Czech Republic suitable for Rhinoplasty considering the cheap price against quality.


The treatment is dedicated to the modification of the ears. This aesthetic procedure is not uncommon as victims of the birth anomaly, accidents, and even people suffering through the asymmetry between their ears and face can avail from it. In Turkey, this surgery can cost up to 2,000 Euros, making it a common feat in Turkish medical tourism. Moreover, Poland and Portugal also offers good pricing and quality for Otoplasty among the European countries.

Breast Aesthetics

Breast Augmentation

Dissatisfaction with your small breast size can be easily rectified with this surgery as it plants implants into the breasts to enlarge them in the areas that will polish the shape of your breasts. Turkey, Poland, Spain, and Croatia are the best European countries for breast Augmentation considering its quality and cost.

Breast Lift

Breast lift, also known as Mastopexy in the medical world, is the operations where surgeons sculpt the breasts which had sagged due to massive weight loss or aging, to lift the droopy skin around the breasts and restore its shape. Romanian medical tourism offers breast lift ranging from an affordable $1,500, causing the aesthetic surgery to be high in demand. Aside, turkey and Poland also offers affordable pricing for breast lift.

Skin Care


This aesthetic skincare treatment battles acne scars, spots and wrinkles blemishing facial skin due to aging, and also cures fine lines, by shedding dead epidermal cells. The spray is settled onto the skin for around 30 minutes and then later removed displays improved texture and even complexion of facial skin.


Much like the former surgery, Botox deals with wrinkles, creases formed on the forehead and temples, sagging of the skin around your cheeks, chin, and neck. Here, however, an injection delivers a shot into the skin that eradicates all these facial problems. Taking off at $300 and reaching as far as $600, Botox injections cause the medical tourism in Croatia to blossom.

For any aesthetic skin care surgeries, The Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Croatia and Romania might be the good place regarding price and quality.

The dazzling sightseeing locations and varieties of tourist attractions in the European countries are something that you should visit once in a lifetime! Furthermore, while visiting the European continent, you should definitely grab the advantage of European medical tourism that considerably famous for the atheistic surgery at the most affordable price!!

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