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A City of Past And The Future, Antalya

Tourism, the expedition of entering a foreign land to drink in its enthralling sights and adventures the place has in store, with traveling made convenient and quite affordable, has only flourished. And it has taken the world by storm form its outset. Millions of people, every year, without fail, meander about overseas to what we call tourist destinations and have the time of their life. And Antalya is one of such striking spots.

Antalya’s Tourist Destinations

There is much to see and experience in the city of Antalya, and the place is rich with lush mountains, turquoise beaches, and ornate greenery. The Duden Waterfall, adorned with rocky cliffs, mesmerizes tourists with its misty beauty. And let us not forget the Roman Theater, which can house a stunning 20,000 spectators without strain. Since we are discussing historic structures of the Roman, the Hidirlik Tower, resting in Antalya, is said to have been built by the Roman Empire and is not used as a lighthouse!


Some of the famous tourist attractions of the Antalya are the following that could amaze you!


1. Old town
2. Old harbor
3. Antalya museum
4. Yivli Minare
5. Hadrian’s Gate
6. Roman fortress
7. Aspendos
8. Termessos
9. Perge
10. Olympos and the Chimaera
11. Konyaalti beach
12. Karst springs
13. Lara beach
14. Karain cave
15. Phaselis
16. Kocain magarasi

Medical Tourism in Antalya

Not only do the picturesque scenarios allure visitors to overseas, but the health care catered by the city is also quite satisfactory for some tourists. The venture by foreigners is called medical tourism. Home to state-of-the-art medical technologies and services, Antalya bestows upon its residents and not so occasional visitors top-notch health care, this being only one of the myriad of reasons behind the flourish of medical tourism in Antalya. Even more so, the city plays host to the largest proportion of foreign patient influx in Turkey. Some prime reasons can be said to be:


• A whopping percentage of 50 to 70 of investment can be saved if you decide to indulge in medical tourism of Antalya. This low cost of treatments is a gift resulting from the colossal availability of experienced doctors and surgeons in Antalya.
• Being multi-lingual is also a commonly found, along with possessing acute skills in the health care services, strong suit of doctors working in the medical tourism sector. Without a doubt, foreign patients are sure to welcome this aspect of medical treatment.
• Access to visitors to traverse through seas, since Antalya resides by the Mediterranean coast, air, and land. Aviation is quite a comfortable and frugal means of transport for tourists as you definitely will not want to spend your travel budget solely on reaching your destination.

Antalya Pioneer in Aesthetic Surgery

Amidst all the health care treatments Antalya has to cater, the ones that out-shine others are cosmetic surgery and dentistry. The city is even known for accommodating highly competent and experienced doctors of plastic and aesthetic surgery. A smattering of these treatments being:

Body Shaping

Tummy Tuck

Meant to remove excess fat and tissues from your abdomen and lower region, with this procedure you surely kiss your saggy belly goodbye. It is truly no wonder that with the smooth maneuver that is possibly by Turkish surgeons, medical tourism is praised by all.


Though is treatment does share some characteristics with a Tummy Tuck, the prime contrast is the possible loss of fat from thighs, back, hips, arms, even including abdomen succeeding the surgery. This body contouring method is most effective for sculpting a praise-worthy figure.

Body Lift

Just as the name may suggest, the surgeon’s goal for this operation is the shedding of leftover fat and the saggy kind which are sure signs of massive weight loss. With the cost ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 Turkish liras, medical tourism in Turkey is sure cheaper than in the UK.

Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Breast Implant

If you are looking to have your breasts reshaped to glam up their appearance, breast implant surgery is just the right step for you. Through inserting an implant in your breast, the surgeon ensures newfound fullness to the region that you desire. Of course, preceding this operation there is a thorough mapping process that you would need to go through.

Breast Reduction

People suffering under the weight of enlarged breasts which do nothing but add an element of jaggedness to their look are welcome to avail themselves to the wonders of this treatment. Oversized breasts can indeed cause mild health issues, so be on guard.

Hair Care Treatments

FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a laborious method of treatment that involves the planting of hair follicles bit by bit into your scald. Excruciatingly long this procedure may be for both the patient and the surgeon; its boons are going to allow you to enjoy a head full of hair for the rest of your life

DHI Hair Transplant

Emulating FUE Hair Transplant is this operation where the use of exclusive Choi pens is introduced. This method of treatment will show you a 20 percent fall in price when done in Turkey, as compared to the USA. Due to this, Turkish medical tourism has seen a boom in recent years.

Both FUE and DHI Hair Transplants require thorough testing of the patient’s blood to identify the cause of hair loss and the best method to approach hair transplant surgery. And more so, in either case, the Frontal Hairline drawing is the step in this procedure that comes before the actual day of operation for both methods as it determines the density and placement of hair follicles.


To get rid of excessively large nostrils, the awkward fit between your face and oversized nose, bumpy or even asymmetric nose, a Rhinoplasty surgery is all you need. The medical tourism sector of Turkey is supported, at large, by people requesting this treatment as the process is seemly and cheaper when compared to UK or USA rates.

Cosmetic Dental Surgery

Dental Bridges

In case you are one of those unfortunate carrying the burden of missing to and are forced to endure troubles birthed due to the gaps, a dental bridge surgery, the process of implanting a fake tooth into your gums, is ideal.

Dental Crowns

Turkish medical tourism involves the treatment of a smile makeover. Dental crowns are worn to conceal broken, worn out, and damaged teeth that may hamper the appearance of your smile.

Skin Care Treatments


Shots injected to temporarily loosen your facial muscles to wrinkles, essentially around the forehead and the eyes. It is also effective for eliminating bumps around the skin of your chin. Surprisingly, Botox in Turkey asks for a minimum investment of only $50! And remember, the low-cost does not ebb the quality of the treatment. That’s just how it works in the medical tourism sector of Turkey.

Chemical Peel

Ideal for troublesome skin that sports discoloration, wrinkles, sunburnt skin, and even scars. The placement of a chemical solution on your face is what activated the whole process, which lasts around 90 minutes and can take 2 weeks to heal.

With long sunny beaches, narrow winding streets, historical locations, palm-lined drives, and the best restaurants of turkey, Antalya will experience you an unforgettable trip, that’s for sure! And being a smart tourist, don’t miss the opportunity to grab the advantage of Turkey’s medical tourism. Get the experience of world-class atheistic surgery at the most affordable price!!

Destinations Around Antalya

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