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Alluring Ankara

In this innovative world where reaching the other end of the globe has become a matter of mere hours, backpackers have embraced this opportunity to venture into foreign lands to behold the phenomena that grace our planet with their beauty. Such tourists are not held back by vast distances while wandering overseas and for that Ankara has come up as one of these places that tourists have submerged in their eagerness to explore the sights left unwitnessed.

Ankara’s Tourist Spots

If we are to address the alluring sights of Ankara, the Genclik Park is a place that simply cannot be escaped. Sitting smack in the center of Ankara, the amusement park shelters slides and swings for children to giggle on about, alongside the food-stalls and cafes scattered all over the place apt for adults to take a breather at. Thispark presents a wide window of experiencing serenity in its purest form with your family by your side.

Now, if the idea of a monotonous day does not appeal to you, a hike up-to the Ankara Castle will surely add some thrill to your hours. Clustered with hills that challenge your climb and tracks which ease your was up, hiking on this trail, only to encounter the renovated castleat the tail, that holds a segment of Ankara’s history within its walls is a visit that will prove to be worth your while. And the near-by inns leave the burden of spotting varying modes of transport to reach Ankara Castle is a boon you cannot miss!

For a cultural tour of the city, meandering into the Kocatepe Mosque is a must in your to-do list. Believed to hold one of the largest congregations of Muslims, this mosque is embezzled with ornaments that are a perfect amalgam of historic culture and modern touch. The restaurants close-by await your presence and for a chance to serve Ankara’s cuisines that will leave you wanting for more.

For the visitors first times in Ankara, some popular tourists spots are following that should not be missed from sightseeing list.

1. Antikabir- A museum that is dedicated to Mustafa kemal Atartuk.
2. Museum of Anatolian- A museum is familiar for the artifacts that belong to the Anatolian civilizations.
3. Ankara Castle- This is an ancient castle standing on top of Ulus established around a 100 years before.
4. War of Independence Museum- Turkey’s first national assembly was held in this place.
5. Atakule Tower- From this tower, the tourist can see the full view of Ankara.
6. Gençlik Park- A public park containing amusement park, swimming pool, open air theater, miniature trains, evening light show in poll and some more enjoyable features
With some outstanding tourist locations, couples of historical establishment, delicious Turkish foods, and budget-friendly accommodation facilities, Ankara trip will surely fascinate you!
Aside sightseeing in Ankara, medical tourism of Ankara is something that you might be interested in! Ankara is one of the best places for medical tourism, particularly in aesthetic surgery.

Medical Tourism in Ankara

Even if we were to stash away the bewitching spectacles Ankara has in store, visitors would yet continue to pour into the city; foreigners would still set foot in Ankara. And this time the visits would for healthcare treatments the medical tourism in Ankara has to offer.
• Housing the largest health complex in all of Europe, the Ankara Bilkent City Hospital harnesses the ability to play host to around 3,800 patients simultaneously. The hospital, with over 2,700 surgeons on location, never falls short of a helping hand, and prevail its tradition of aiding anyone in need of medical support.
• Being multi-lingual is not a rare occurrence for doctors and healthcare personals in Ankara, as the medical tourism sector is scattered all over the city. So often times, a sense of familiarity and comfort is formed between the patient and their doctor, which assists in the process of acquiring treatment.
• Not the forget that the along with being amiable, surgeons belonging to Ankara’s medical tourism division are always onto polishing their skills with the advancements in healthcare so to cater finer service to the foreign patients. The city also does not lack when it comes employing modernized medical instruments.

Medical Treatments in Ankara

It is quite clear-cut by now that Ankara has an endless stream of operations to offer to its medical tourists. Covering every procedure from cancer treatment to reconstruction surgery, Ankara’ medical tourism leaves no stone unturned in its attempts to satisfying its foreign patients. Let us now discuss the bounties of cosmetic surgeries the city has in its disposal.

Aesthetic Operation

Since surgeons in Ankara are gifted with the ability to perform aesthetic surgery efficiently, it comes as a surprise to no one that cosmetic surgeries contribute vastly to Ankara’s medical tourism. A handful of such treatments are:

Aesthetic Dentistry

Dental Veneers

Ideal for people battling withfractured or discolored tooth, and forthose who possess teeth that are just too small and leave unwanted gaps between them, a dental veneer works to cover such teeth with a thin shell of porcelain that will last a lifetime.

Gum Contouring

This procedure is meant to glamorize that smile of your by altering gums that are set higher or lower than that you are comfortable with. Starting at 250 euros, gum contouring is a frequent affair in the medical tourism sector of Ankara.

Breast Contouring

Augmentation Mammoplasty

For those who suffer from having breasts that are not large enough, this procedure is most fitting as here, surgeons perform a fat transfer procedure into your breasts, or settle an implant underneath the breast issues to reshape them to your liking.


Simply put, this surgery zones in on the tissues and muscles of the breast that turned loose, succeeding in restoring flexibility and elevating your breasts. A breast lift of this sort is prized about 2,500 euros in Ankara’ medical tourism industry, making is affordable to all!

Breast Reduction

In contrast to breast augmentation, in this treatment the surgeons extract excessive fat and tissues from your breasts to be able to reduce it in size and ease you off the discomforts that accompany oversized breasts, which, for instance, can be back and neck aches.

Face Contouring

Face Lift

Working around your temples, forehead, and cheekbones, a face lift helps shed wrinkles and fine-lines from around the regions by tightening your facial muscles. With a minimum requirement of a 1,500 euro investment, a face lift treatment can go a long way in shielding you from aging signs.


It is often that people feel burdened by the disproportional state of their ears in comparison to their face. For them, Otoplasty is like a slice of heaven as this procedure’s sole goal is to sculpt your ears and reshape them in a manner that compliments your appearance, a much sough-after procedure in the city’s medical tourism.


Bearing similarity with Otoplasty, this treatment also deals with a facial feature that, due to its outline, distorts your look. The difference is that here, surgeons operate on your nose, whether to shrink your nostrils, or sharpen the tip, or perhaps to bring a broad nasal bridge under control, the choices are endless and yours to make.

Body Shaping


Thighplasty is an efficient surgery that works to remove excessive fat deposit in the thighs that refuse to shed otherwise, bringing along the boon of expelling bothersome cellulite circling that region, and all this is accessible through a cost of approximately 2,200 euros.


Surgeons, to make this operation a success, reduce the fat around the abdomen and eliminate the droopy texture of your belly to beautify its appearance. To achieve a flat belly through Abdominoplasty, a cost of about 3,500 is required, flourishing the medical tourism in Ankara.

While a lip smacking taste of Turkish dishes and dazzling tourist spots will refresh your mind with joy, the facilities of medical tourism in Ankara will surely add some extra value in your trip!

Destinations Around Ankara

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