Este Trips will keep pursuing balanced growth for an individual’s unique beauty, safe and stable plastic surgery and is doing its best to become a hub for plastic surgery all around the world.


SBT Dental

About SBT Dental Clinic

By following the rapidly developing medical technologies in our polyclinic, consumables, a hygienic environment, quality equipment; By expanding family medicine, preventive medicine, experienced professional physicians, and more, quality service is provided to ensure the satisfaction of patients and employees.

The mission of our clinic is raising happy individuals who are entrepreneurial, innovative, able to think critically, sensitive to universal and national problems, have analytical thinking skills, care about the basic elements of the republic, can speak more than one foreign language, can think critically, are self-aware, and know how to access and share information.

Moreover, ethical values ​​in appropriate economic conditions, without compromising modern knowledge, as well as using technology very solidly, we consider it as a vision, together with realizing the delivery of a very safe service from advanced high-level health services and patient safety.

To sum up, we aim to be a reference center in our field and in our region, with the principle of respect for people and tissue, on this path we started with our expert dentists who have the ability to use the most advanced technologies.

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