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GHC Clinic Prague

About GHC Clinic Prague

The private GHC Clinic Prague was established in the very heart of Prague in 1996. It is situated in the charming premises of a former abbey but it features a traditional interior décor and modern cutting-edge medical equipment. Its dominant feature is a large atrium with a fountain and living trees accommodating the waiting rooms and entrances to individual doctor´s offices.

Medical specialties aimed at diagnosis, therapy and prevention are represented by the Internal Medicine Department along with general, gynaecological, urological, ENT and dental surgery.

Aesthetic medicine is backed by elite plastic surgeons: Prof. MUDr. Markéta Dušková, CSc., the only professor of plastic surgery in the Czech Republic, mainly specialising in plastic surgery of the ageing face and nose, as well as doc. MUDr. Miroslav Tvrdek and MUDr. Jiří Bayer who offer a very wide range of top level cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. The section of aesthetic dermatology is represented by MUDr. Nina Koutná, MUDr. Jana Eftimovská and MUDr. Blanka Havlíčková, Ph.D., specializing in e.g. skin rejuvenation, minimally invasive aesthetic procedures, fat reduction or treatment of hair loss. At GHC, these two strands of medicine converge on an inpatient department which features monitored amenity beds for clients who underwent surgeries or hotel rooms for clients on revitalization and infusion treatments, all of which is under permanent supervision of physicians and other medical staff.

Some Destinations Around Prague

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