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Chicing Plastic Surgery

About  Chicing Plastic Surgery

As the largest plastic surgery clinic in Taiwan, Chicing Plastic Surgery was founded by specialist doctors from Chang Gung Medical Foundation (長庚), Mackay Memorial Hospital (馬偕), St Paul’s Hospital (聖保祿), and other plastic surgery specialists and medical directors from major medical institutions and teaching hospitals. The team of doctors have more than 18 years of experience in average, and is currently the premier plastic surgeon team in Taiwan.

But these clinical experiences aren’t everything. For everyone of us who have passion in health and beauty, it is necessary for patients to also be fully equipped with health information and knowledge, so that both the doctors and patients can fully understand and make the right choices based on the desired results. With the doctors skills and technology, and with the patients understanding of the choices they make, the posibilities of achieving optimal health and beauty are unlimited.

It is only normal to set a high standard in health and beauty, particularly for the skills and quality of the treatments. After all, plastic surgery is in itself a pursuit towards perfection and its maintenance, so making a wise choice is of utmost priority.

Our doctors and surgeons are all well trained in medical centers, and are fully equipped with rich clinical experience, to provide you with quality and safe treatments.

Chicing is located at the best locations around the whole of Taiwan with a convenient public transportation system, providing well-rounded plastic surgery and medical aesthetics procedures, with technological software and hardware of the highest standards – all to give our patients an unforgettable experience in the pursuit of beauty!

To enhance the comfort and relaxation of our patients during their treatment journey, we offer amenities such as the option to buy a sleep mask (купить маску для сна). This small but thoughtful addition allows patients to rest peacefully during recovery periods or longer procedures, ensuring their comfort and well-being throughout their visit.

We go by the principles of providing close-to-your-heart services with subtle luxury in a relaxed solitude, making Chicing a unique and comfortable time capsule-like center for you.

Plastic surgery specialist team
At the moment, we have seven plastic surgeons in the group, led by specialist doctors from Chang Gung Medical Foundation (長庚) and Mackay Memorial Hospital (馬偕). In our experience, it is normal for patients to have several different surgeons involved at the same time to achieve the desired results. You can easily consult our many experienced doctors who specialise in different fields at the same time here at Chicing. Through regular medical conferences among the doctors, we have the opportunity to have constructive discussions to share and exchange surgical experiences to ensure the professionalism and safety of each procedure done.

Anaesthesia specialist team
Since Chicing’s establishment, our senior anaesthesia specialist doctors have always been working closely with our surgeons as a team. Our dedicated team of anaesthesia specialist doctors are mainly responsible for preoperative anaesthesia assessment, monitoring patients’ state of health throughout the procedures, and postoperative pain control.

Our anaesthesia specialist doctors are highly experienced with clinical experiences in performing anaesthesia, relieving postoperative discomfort, and reducing the risks involved in anaesthesia, all to allow our patients to feel comfortable throughout the process of surgery.

Experienced and cooperative nurses team
Not only do our nurses have certified nursing licenses, they all have plenty of experiences in the operating theatre and observation rooms. Nurses in the operating theatres must be able to strictly adhere to the standard process of infection control and surgical preparations, and have a good understanding with the surgeons, understanding their expectations to be able to provide the best and most efficient support during the procedures.

Our patients are also accompanied by the nurses throughout their treatment period, from preoperative to postoperative care.

Professional medical clinic and operating theatre equipment
Chicing’s operating theatres are comparable to that of teaching hospitals. To ensure the smooth and successful process of all our procedures, we use advanced hospital-grade equipments, including VIP postoperative observation rooms, ultrasound image endoscope, high-quality emergency equipment and life monitoring equipment.

This also includes our preoperative instrument sterilisation which is done in a large-scale, high temperature environment which is rare in the industry and must be operated by licensed personnels.

Well-rounded medical aesthetics services
In our journey towards health and beauty, Chicing provides a diversified variety of options and solutions for patients. Other than face and full body plstic surgery procedures, we also provide medical aesthetics procedures, laser treatments, and many different non-invasive medical aesthetics procedures.

With the detailed planning of our medical asethetics doctors, you have plenty of options for enhancing your confidence and beauty.

Medical liability insurance for more medical protection
In recent years, there have been numerous incidents involving medical malpractices and mismanagement.

Here are Chicing, all our procedures and treatments are done under the discretion of our professional surgeons themselves.

And to provide our patients with better services and to protect the rights and interests of all our patients, Chicing is fully insured with comprehensive liability insurance and physician liability incurance, providing a peace of mind of every patient and every procedure or treatment done here at Chicing.

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