Este Trips will keep pursuing balanced growth for an individual’s unique beauty, safe and stable plastic surgery and is doing its best to become a hub for plastic surgery all around the world.


Bem Mais Estética

About Bem Mais Estética

An aesthetic medicine center created in a unique space, finely decorated, aimed at the well-being and happiness of our customers.

We invest in research to seek the most modern, to offer quality service and with the promised results, at a fair price. We have a team composed of the best professionals in the market and highly specialized.

Come and be part of our Club!

What is the fun of being like so many others, when you can be unique and different? It was in response to this question that, in 2009, BEM MAIS Estética created a new concept in aesthetics, combining high-tech treatments with expressive results in a modern, cozy and familiar environment. Our goal is to help our customers discover and fall in love with their own beauty! Our clinics offer high quality treatments, personalized service, air-conditioned environment, advanced technology, affordable price and special care for those who care about beauty.

When you visit an aesthetic clinic, what is the guarantee that you will have the best aesthetic treatment?

Here we thoroughly research and test the most advanced treatments that come up. Only those that have proven results and that reach the highest quality and safety standards are added to our menu.

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