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Antalya, A Rising Star In Medical Tourism Universe!

Turkey is one of the top 3 countries in the world in the health-caresector. It is a pioneer especially in dental, hair transplantation and aesthetic surgeries.

Why should we choose Antalya for medical tourism?

There are many reasons for Antalya’ s being so popular in Medical Tourism in the world. The main 5 reasons for Antalya to be the most popular destination for Health Tourism nowadays are:

  1. Geography
  2. Quality of the clinics
  3. Pricing
  4. Accessibility
  5. Accommodation

1- Geography

Antalya’ s Geography

Antalya is a beautiful city with touristic natural beauties located in the South of Turkey. When you think of Antalya, summer comes to mind, but in the winter of Antalya, you can see many beauties and do different activities. Antalya is actually a year-round destination. Sure, you’re not going to be swimming on the Antalya coast in January, but the winters here are very mild compared to the rest of Europe. That means you can have delightful days during the winter, allowing you to walk around in a t-shirt and cardigan or light jacket and enjoy what the greater Antalya region has to offer. In fact, some of the best things to do in Antalya are available throughout winter, too. Moreover, what is amazing about Antalya is that there are approximately 300 fully sunny days during a year! So, having some medical treatments in good weather conditions is very indispensible especially for the post-treatment period.

2- Quality Of Clinics

Mediface Surgical Center
A Clinic in Antalya

It has a well-known and experienced University Hospital and another Training and Research Hospital. This University graduates around 300 medical doctors each year. University co-operates with private clinics. Besides these well equipped state hospitals, there is a great number of private high-tech clinics employing highly experienced doctors in various branches.

Antalya is both a pioneer in the health sector and one of the most important tourism centers. High quality and accredited medical equipment are brought from the orgins and being used and regularly checked by international accreditation providers and government authorities. Occupation in health sector is strictly controlled by Ministry of Health and each is assigned with a specific number of positions depending on their physical and facility capacity. Working in any hospital in these assigned positions has clear requirements that should be met by any applicant health.

In the clinics in Antalya, both public and private, team of health professionals including doctors, nurses, paramedics and medical secretaries are highly trained and experienced coming from the know-how gained over the years.

3- Pricing


You don’t need to spend a lot of money to beautify yourself in your country. Healthcare services in both Antalya and Turkey are really good. Antalya has many state and private hospitals, private clinics and health centres. You can get treated in these modern clinics and hospitals by highly professional personnel with the best education. These hospitals are very well known in the whole of Europe. Because of this, it’s no wonder why so many European tourists come here to combine holidays with medical treatment and any cosmetic procedures.

Here, in Antalya, the medical treatment alternatives are very high quality and significantly cheaper in comparison. The reason of low cost treatments is not because of low quality services. On the contrary, the quality of the medical services in Turkey is at the highest level among all the international medical service provider countries. So, what is the reason? In fact, the prices of treatments are considerably high for domestic patients who are capable to pay in local currency. However, as Turkish Lira is a bit weaker than US dollars, Euros and Sterlings, these medical treatments become very affordable for the foreigners. In shoert, the basic reason is the gap between the local currency in Turkey and the currency in developed countries. When compared to the treatment prices in many countries, in Antalya, a patient might pay a less fee, he/she can both have a nice holiday and have the medical treatments.

To sum up, when you choose a clinic in Antalyafor your treatment, you can save approximately between 50% – 70% even if you include your travel expenses.

4- Accessibility

Antalya Airport

There are direct flights to Antalya from 120 different countries. Millions of tourists come to Antalya every year. Covers many of the country’s top beach resorts, and it’s no surprise that millions of visitors touch down at Antalya International Airport every single year.

5- Accommodation

Hotels in Antalya

Due to high interest of the visitors, Antalya has innumerable options for accommodations. For instance, all inclusive five star hotels are the most popular options in Antalya among tourists who are from The United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and Slavic and Baltic countries. You can find all these options mostly along the pure Antalya beaches. Moreover, you can find boutique hotels and guesthouses for budget-friendly accommodation inside Antalya city center. Besides, all inclusive holidays are a definite solution for those who want to make the best of their vacations by letting others to search for the perfect formula of services implied in the concept of ideal getaway. Antalya is the kind of resort where all inclusive offers flourish as a result of the solid infrastructure of hotels and resorts putting forward excellent package deals.

Antalya is a resort town with unique beauty and Turkey’s world-famous tourism destination. There are many hotels in Antalya that are ranked as the best hotels in the world. This means that you can take your vacation while having medical treatment at the same time saving money!

Briefly, in Antalya you can get high quality by paying less and at same time you have your holiday and renew yourself.

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