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Body Contouring

A Thorough Guide To Body Contouring Surgeries

In this day and age, possessing physical fitness is a must. Enveloped with junk foods and revenues that can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, it is indeed a tough time for the maintenance of an athletic body. If the idea of weight loss has essentially failed you, then it is time to test the waters with body contouring. And in case you do not know much about that, this article is just for you!

What Is Body Contouring?

The process of surgeons sculpting your body to have underlying tissues rearranged and improve the overall appearance of your body is called body contouring. Body contouring involves the removal of skin flaps and works to reestablish the elasticity of your skin to prevent it from looking baggy. 

When to Consider For a Body Contouring Surgery

Body contouring surgery is perfect for anyone who wishes to alter the way they look within a short period. If you suffer from peculiarly shaped bumps all over your skin due to loss of body fat, or perhaps loose skin around your arms or abdomen, trouble you, then body contouring surgery is the answer. Recovered patients of Bariatric surgery are also welcome to contours since they are most likely to suffer from lax skin. Though in this case, a preoperative workout is highly recommended. 

Types of Body Contouring

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Fortunately, there is an array of options for body contouring surgeries available for you to take your pick. Recommended by plastic surgeons for sculpting your body, Liposuction can remove fat from face, claves, arms, your buttocks, and so on. For the fat deposited in your abdomen, you should choose Panniculectomy, and if you want particular attention towards your midriff, a circumferential body lift is a way to go as it focuses on droopy skin along the waist, abdomen, and buttocks. And let us not forget Breast Rejuvenation. This procedure is crafted for breast lift or restoring its shape, breast reduction, and augmentation.

As per the familiarity, here are the summary of some common types of body contouring that might help you to gather information.


Liposuction is a surgical procedure that breaks up your fat cells and eliminates the fat. A high-pressure vacuum with a cannula used for it. Liposuction is perfect for removing fat and reshaping, this procedure can sculpt your entire body. 

Under liposuction, you can choose different types of liposuctions as per your needs. 

·        Whole-body Liposuction

Refers to whole body liposuction, just as the name suggests it contours the entire body.

·        Localized Liposuction

Refers to contours the specific body parts, anywhere in the body.

·        3D body liposuction

Refers to removing fat with non-surgical procedures.


If you are looking to reduce upper-body fat, Dual-slim surgery would be most effective for you. 


Body lift is a surgical procedure that is performed to eliminate extra skin you’re your body to reshape it by making it tight and toning. This surgery smoothes down saggy skin like a dream! 

Buttock Augmentation

This is a surgical procedure applied to add volume as required and contour to your buttock. Buttock implants or fat transfers are two common types of processes used in buttock augmentation. 

Fat Transfer 

It refers to using the patient’s fat to insert volume to the buttocks as required so that it looks natural.

Buttock Implants

Woman with jeans

This process refers to the increasing volume of your buttocks by inserting synthetic devices into the area of your buttocks.

Breast Surgery

If you are struggling with asymmetric, saggy, or perhaps undersized breasts, this procedure will be perfect for you. Breast surgery is a popular body contouring type having a wide range of varieties that are following.

· Breast augmentation/expansion.

· Breast lift

· Breast reduction/decrease.

Tummy Tuck

If you are suffering from too much fat or surplus skin in the abdomen and there is no reduction of your fat after a hard exercise or diet, a tummy tuck might be a good option for you. It is also known as abdominoplasty. Tummy tuck surgery reshapes the abdomen by eliminating excess skin and fat from your abdomen and tightens the muscles in the wall of your abdomen.

Cool Sculpting

Through this nonsurgical process, the stubborn fat lingering is your body will be removed by freezing the fat deposit. 

Obesity Care & Treatment

It refers to the treatment applying the injection to reduce fat under your chin, in your stomach, back, and armpit, by removing your fat cells. 


Ultraslim procedure refers to the non-invasive procedure that helps to instant fat loss without surgery or drugs. It uses a particular LED light to stimulate and minimize the fat cells. These treated fat cells unlock a hole temporarily and also release your fat naturally.

How Does Body Contouring Surgery Work?

Amid the several consultation sessions, you will have with your doctor, a thorough mapping of your tissues and loose skin will be outlined that will guide the surgeon during the sculpting process. Excess fat and tissues will be removed from parts that lost their elasticity with time or fat will be inserted into regions where augmentation is required. 

Is Body Contouring Painful?

Experiencing pain succeeding body contouring surgery is not quite common. A full body contouring can be a gradual process, sometimes they even last a year, and this process can indeed induce pain and lethargy due to the patient having to go through an ordeal. Though, when fewer parts need to be altered or treated upon, the recovery is quick, and the pain is also kept at the minimum. Though the discomforts while body contouring can be brought under control with a calculated dose of anesthesia. 

How Long Does a Body Contouring Last?

This question is asked by many as eventually, it boils down whether the out-stretched process of body contouring was worth the effort and investment or not. Primarily, greater longevity can be ensured with the maintenance of a healthy diet as well as lifestyle. Returning to the old habits that led you to have your body contoured in the first place just will not do. This reduces the lifespan of the contour when compared to an otherwise healthy way of life, which can last up to 10 years.

Pros and Cons of Body Contouring

Pros of Body Contouring

To begin with, an improvement in the quality of life is witnessed after the placement of body contours. No longer are the excessive fat or saggy skin concerns of yours. Along with that, the surgery provides a window for sculpting several parts of the body in a single operation, saving you from needless pain and loss of time. Even what we call ‘stubborn fat deposit’, which just will not go away despite never-ending attempts, can be kissed goodbye forever once you decide on body contouring. 

Cons of Body Contouring

It is to be said that surgery of any kind comes with risks, and body contouring surgery is no different. The probability of infection, asymmetry of the sculpted body part, and abnormal scaring are not something to play with. You also run the risk of an incision, a surgical cut, left gaping due to thoughtlessness, which in turn welcomes pain and infection.

How Much Does a Body Contouring Cost?

Again, along with the duration of body contouring surgery, the cost can also fluctuate. On average, full-body contouring can cost up to $30,000. The cost can be segmented with $15,000 being invested in breast and upper back lift and somewhere around $7,000 would be required for the all-round lifting of mid-body. 

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