Este Trips will keep pursuing balanced growth for an individual’s unique beauty, safe and stable plastic surgery and is doing its best to become a hub for plastic surgery all around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are the answers for the common questions asked to us.

Who is the EsteTrips?

We provide the premium medical service to our clients and resolve many problems that foreign patients may experience when using a medical provider. We find you the best clinic and doctor for your case, provide pre-visit consulting, arrange accommodations, pick up, translation. We also coordinate requests for medical records, and arbitration regarding any issues resulting from accidents in medical care. This extends to aftercare after you leave the country you have the treatment and requires additional information or has any issues resulting from the services you received during your stay.

Why EsteTrips?

1. A World-wide Working Medical Concierge Service Company

Since clinics only provide you with medical procedures, patient may experience some difficulties in a foreign country. As certified travel agency and medical concierge service company, we are the most trustworthy resource for those who are looking for help. We take care of you from start to finish.

2. Insider Knowledge Based On 10 Years Of Experience

When you search for clinics, you barely tell the difference between advertising and true information. Since 2010, we have been working in the the field of Aesthetics, Health Care Services, Medical Tourism and Plastic Surgery. From years of experience, We will be able to give patients accurate information, only work with top-rated clinics and the best doctors all around the world.

3. Personalized Service

If you submit an inquiry, we’ll assign you an operation manager. The manager will be able to help you out with arranging medical procedures to special plan before, in between, or after clinic visits when possible. If you need something, just ask us! We will personalize our service to fit your needs.

How Does The System Work?

1. Submit An Inquiry

You can fill in the booking form on vacation packages’ detail page, or fill in our “tailor made tours” form, or send an e-mail to, or contact us on whatsapp / telegram via 0090 549 119 19 01. The you let us understand detailed conditions, interested procedures, purpose of procedures, previous history. As for cosmetics procedures, you’d better upload your photo. Otherwise, we can’t guarantee surgical quotes.

Your personal information will be only used for consultations and planning your medical trip. We do not collect or retain sensitive personal data such as relating to your health, ethnic, origin, photos etc.

2. Get A Personalized Treatment Program

Once your inquiry is received, one of our operations managers connects with best clinics to conduct consultations. We develop a personalized treatment program based on doctor’s feedback, provide comprehensive information concerning your procedures and quotes.

3. Book Procedures

You may have some questions after received the individual treatment program. Feel free to ask us. Understand and learn about your procedure will help reduce your anxiety and give you the confidence that you’ve made the right choice. To book procedures, you need to submit 50% deposits.

4. Medical Holiday

We will be waiting for you at the airport in the country of your vacation package , ready to take you to your hotel and commence your medical holiday! We will help you to recover to the best condition.

Do You Have Only Plastic Surgery Services?

No. We help international patients get plastic surgery, dermatology treatment, dental treatment, vision correction, health check-up, vaginoplasty, urology treatment. After medical procedures, you can also enjoy our other beauty programs. We have carefully curated a network of highly recommended celebrities’ hair saloon, make-up, permanent make-up, special spa!

Which Clinic Should I Choose?

We work with all top clinics in almost all countries all around the world, have seen results for years. Therefore we honestly recommend which clinics and doctors suite your case based on our rich experiences. We will give you options, you can choose it after careful consideration. Of course, you can choose your own clinic as long as it meets requirements.

I'd Like To Visit Clinics To Get Only Consultation, Can I?

In the event you’d like to receive consultations before you decide a clinic,  you can choose to purchase our “One Day Consulting Tour”. If after the tour you book a surgical procedure with us, you will be refunded the tour fee. Please have in mind that top-rated clinics have limited availabilities and we can’t guarantee your booking without depositing the final reservation. Therefore, if you have a short time window to do the procedure, we recommend you to work with our medical managers to match you with the clinic prior to your medical trip to the countries in our system.

How Can I Book For Your Aesthetics Trips?

To make a reservation, you should submit a deposit. Normally 50% of total estimated prices should be deposited to the clinic. It is best to make a reservation at least 3 weeks before your preferred date. You can pay via online money transfer or online credit card payment. All bank transfer fees are to be paid by the patient. Your reservation will be successful after the remittance information is verified. The rest of the payment is made on the day of our picking you up from the airport just after your arrival to your package’s country.

Can I Have Airport Or Hotel Transfers Service?

The complimentary pick-up service includes pick-up to and from airport, pick-up to and from consultations, day of procedures and follow-up appointments.

If you don’t meet the minimum requirement for the complimentary pick-up service, you must pay for this service. Our operations managers will go above and beyond to ensure your trip is personalized for your needs. This is a recommended service if you are travelling alone for your medical trip.

I Want To Arrange My Accommodation By Myself. Can I Have Only The Medical Service?

Yes, sure! You can inform us about your hotel details and we give you an accommodation excluded package price. And on the day of treatment, we arrange all picking up, transferring, accompanying isuues for you.

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